I am Zhou Qin, an algorithm engineer interested in graph neural networks, distributed systems, and functional programming. I graduated from Cornell University with a master’s degree in computer science in May 2018 and then joined Alibaba Group, working with the data and algorithms team in the security department. Before that, I achieved my bachelor’s degree (also major in computer science) in the South China University of Technology.

Personally, I’d like to do some in-depth research beneath a machine learning model (i.e., seeking mathematical explanations). As a member of the editorial board for the open-source project PumpkinBook, I am in charge of the content and quality from Chapter 8 to Chapter 16.

My work mainly focuses on applying graph neural network algorithms to identify risk commodities/buyers/sellers. We have published a paper introducing our experience in applying gnn algorithms for spam review detection on Xianyu scenario.

To deal with extremely large scale graph data in Alibaba, I also participate in implementing a large scale distributed graph neural network framework graph-learn, which is an open-source project on GitHub.

Check my Resume for more details, and feel free to contact me through csarchwalker gmail com if you have any questions.


  1. Ao Li*, Zhou Qin*, Runshi Liu, Yiqun Yang, and Dong Li. Spam Review Detection with Graph Convolutional Networks [CIKM 2019, Best Applied Research Paper Award, *Equal Contribution]

  2. 谢文睿,秦州 《机器学习公式详解》人民邮电出版社,2021-03-01,ISBN:9787115559104


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